5 Reasons to Automate your Managed Portfolio Report Production

Performance comparisons, branded reports, ensuring compliance, improving business efficiencies and using latest technology are achievable with automated report production.

21 January 2020

  1. Compare Performance
    PDF and HTML factsheets are interactive and allow you to create customised portfolio performance comparisons that promote your managed portfolios in a visually engaging way.

  2. Create Branded Reports
    All documents are built around your brand and tailored to your communication requirements.

  3. Ensure Compliance
    All automated factsheets produce an audit trail that works in harmony with regulatory and compliance requirements.

  4. Improve Business Efficiencies & Speed to Market
    By signing off your data at source you can eliminate time-consuming approvals, freeing up resource to focus on your customers and greatly reducing the risk of any errors or inconsistencies.

  5. Use the Latest Technology
    Our software is built using the latest technology and integrates seamlessly into your existing systems. It allows you to quickly and easily amend content to ensure that your managed portfolio features and asset classes are aligned.


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