Managed Accounts: Benefits of Automated Factsheets

Customised, efficient and compliant factsheets, performance updates and quarterly summaries

04 February 2020

How can your business benefit from automated factsheet production?

Our leading report production platform gives you the flexibility to configure and produce engaging literature in a multitude of languages, in your brand and style.


Designed around you
The factsheets and documents are built around your brand and requirements, ensuring seamless integration. Our state-of-the-art configuration tool enables quick development and design of your documents, allowing additional fields to be added without major development. They can be produced in multiple languages to comply with local legislation, supporting your global distribution efforts.

Improves efficiencies
Our fully automated service increases efficiencies in your business. By signing off your fund data at source you can eliminate time consuming approvals, freeing up resource to focus on your customers and greatly reducing the risk of any errors or inconsistencies.

Reduces risk
All automated factsheets produce an audit trail that work in harmony with regulatory and compliance requirements. The ‘Data Validation File’ checks and validates data based on your chosen tolerances month-on-month, and ensures the data remains accurate. Any discrepancies are easily flagged to you via a dashboard without the need to look through every document.



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